The Golden Knights Watch Podcast #32: The Triumphant Return

The Golden Knights Watch Podcast #32: The Triumphant Return

Jack Manning and AJ Alexander have finally been activated from the injured reserve and are back with a brand new, full length of the Golden Knights Watch Podcast! The Golden Knights four games into a losing streak, so the guys are take an honest assessment of the current state of the team but also point out good reason to be optimistic that this team can right the ship in short order.

Jack notes a curious correlation between Cody Eakin’s roster status and the Golden Knights’ record, so the guys discuss just how big of an impact can one player really have on the team’s overall success. In a related conversation, the guys discuss why Malcolm Subban seems to be a better goalie when Fleury isn’t backing him up.

Jack and AJ also discuss potential trade possibilities for the Golden Knights as the trade deadline approaches, including what types of assets the Golden Knights might part with for immediate help.

They guys also discuss several of the Golden Knights top prospects and how soon we can hope for them to make a significant impact at the NHL level.

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